viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

PLANET READING  es una web muy atractiva para niños. Puedes encontrar:

  • Canciones y cuentos con la letra correspondiente para poder leer y cantar si se desea.
  • Activity laboratory.
  • Games.
 Podéis encontrar CANCIONES Y CUENTOS ANIMADOS .Aquí os dejo  " The Fox and the grapes" para que veáis cómo queda. Las imágenes son animadas y el acento muy bueno.

Hay un "ACTIVITY LABORATORY" que da varias opciones:

Illustrate a Story
Select a story, print it, and draw the pictures to go along with it. Read the hints on how to make a book.
Download and print bookplates that you can put your name on and paste into your books.
Reading Activity Calendar
Print the Monthly Activity Calendar for fun reading ideas for every day of the month!
Riffington's Coloring Book
Try the interactive coloring book. You can choose a picture to color online.

Los GAMES que ofrece son los siguientes:

Have some fun with these reading and writing games and activities!
Color ChallengeThink you can tell orange from green? This fun brainteaser is sure to stump just about anyone.
Color Challenge
The Learning Languages GameHow many languages do you know? Match English words to their translations in four languages: French, Spanish, Swahili, and Navajo.
The Learning Languages Game
Sink It 'n Solve It Got game? Try to make free throw shots to win the basketball game as you solve a mystery word puzzle.
Writers' BlockWrite stories with other kids! Once a month, you can read the beginning of a story and add your own ideas until the story is complete.
Picture PairsDo you have a good memory? Put it to the test with this matching game (in English and Spanish).
Poetry SplatterGet ready to create poems! Start by splattering words onto the screen and drag them into your poem.
Story MakerPick a scene, answer a few questions, and we will start your own personalized story.
Riffington's Coloring BookCheck out the online coloring book where you can color and print lots of fun pages!
Word BuilderChoose a word list and make your very own word puzzle to print out.
Supermarket Spree (Bilingual) See how fast you can shop and drop grocery items in the cart! Play in three speeds and two languages.
Alphabet Soup (Bilingual)Search for words in this interactive word search.

Aquí os dejo el enlace. ¡¡Disfrutad!! READING PLANET

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