domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

Hey there!
You have started a new topic called "Living together".
You know that in Spain, all children must go to the School when they are 6 years old but many children start school earlier.
The school community is made up of PUPILS (children who attend school) and STAFF (adults who work in the school).
Teaching staff include the head teacher (organises the school), the deputy head teacher (helps the head teacher and also organises the teacher´s classes), the teachers and the secretary (who works in the school office).
Non-teaching staff include the caretaker and the cleaners (look after the school building), the cooks (prepare lunch and sometimes breakfast, too) and the supervisors (look after the pupils during break times).
The head of the local area is the Mayor who is in charge of the local Government (provides local services).
Here you have an amazing video about local services     VIDEO
Sing this song with me ;)    VIDEO
Who can help you if you have an emergency?
The people at 112
We are going to study "The organisation of Autonomous Communities".
Each Autonomous Community has its own Statute of Autonomy (the most important law of an Autonomous Community): it defines the name, capital, borders and symbols of the Autonomous Community.
Each Autonomous Community also has its own Parliament (makes the laws), President and Government (makes important decisions about education, health care and other services in the Autonomous Community).
The Government of an Autonomous Community is made up of the President and the regional councillors.
Autonomous Communities have many things in common with each other, but there are also a lot of differences. Festivals, music, food and languages can be different in different Autonomous Communities. EL BANDO DE LA HUERTA IS COMING! YEAH! Have a look this VIDEO

sábado, 7 de marzo de 2015

¡Hola de nuevo chicos!
¿Queréis crear vuestro propio sistema solar? Os recomiendo ver este vídeo  WEB
Bring your own solar system to life by creating 8 different planets, adding rings, color and moon, and then launching them into orbit. Watch as your planets orbit the sun. Name then whatever you want and print out your solar system when you are done :)  Have fun!
¡Aquí tenéis otro juego muy divertido!   WEB
¿Sabéis algo de eclipses? Ahí os dejo un vídeo sobre el eclipse solar y lunar   WEB