lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Do you feel stuck when trying to come up with solid arguments in favor of your use of technology in your teaching ? Do you want some inspiration on how and why this technology should be part of the curriculum you teach ? Are you skeptic about the importance of technology in education ? These and several other questions are constantly simmering in some educators minds driving them ,in extreme cases, to even question whether or not to let in technology into their classrooms.

However, today I have handpicked for you two great videos on the importance of using technology in education.I have probably watched these clips more than ten times but each time I see them it seems like I never watched them. They are just amazing .They are short and you can watch both of them in less than 8 minutes. Have a look and let us know if they have impressed you or not. 

Watch the next video and tell me what you think about it VIDEO

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