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Vocabulary Learning Tip: 1streading
Read, read, and read! Reading helps you revisit learned vocabulary, and see them in new sentences and contexts. Most English vocabulary words are learned from context. Reading a literature books and newsletters will be useful for that; the more you read the more vocabulary you will get. While you read, pay attention to new words and find out their meaning from context or check them out on the dictionary.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 2ndImprove your context skills.
Experts say that most English vocabulary words are learned from context. To improve your context skills pay attention to how words are used. Reading different topics will help your figure out how words used in different context.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 3rdPractice, practice, practice.
 The biggest challenge facing English learners is forgetting. That is why learning words won't help you if you forget them. Experts say that it takes from 5 to 15 repetitions to make a word part of your vocabulary. As soon as you learn a new word, start using it in sentences and conversations. Review your index cards repeatedly to see if you have forgotten any of your new words.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 4thlook up words you don't know.
Look up new words on dictionary program on your computer or smart phone and keep it open and handy. If you don’t have a dictionary, you can download it online from the internet Find them and look up any word you are not sure of. Use a thesaurus when you write to find the word that fits best.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 5thPlay with words.
Play Scrabble, Boggle, crossword puzzles or other word games are available for the computer or on free online games, so you are not dependent on a partner to play. Or try out the Franklin Electronic Dictionary that features built-in word games.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 6thUse vocabulary lists.
For the serious vocabulary student, there are hundreds of books that focus on the words most commonly found in standardized tests such us TOEFL test, IELTS test, SAT test and GRE test. There are also many interesting word sites on the Internet which will send you a couple of words a day by email or PDF books.

Vocabulary Learning Tip: 7thTake vocabulary tests.
Playing games, such as Scrabble, Boggle, crossword, that test your knowledge will help you learn new words and also let you know how much progress you're making.

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