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On this page you will find links to online English podcasts, English audio lessons and audiobooks. Most of the sites listed below allow you to download podcast files to your computer for free. Usually you can find English transcript for each audio clip.

Regular listening of English podcasts and audiobooks will help you learn basic English words and basic English phrases and will improve not only your listening, but also general communication skills in English language.

You will find three different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and also some English dialects (American, British, Australian and Canadian)

Click here and have a look this amazing web     WEB

Os dejo una web muy interesante que os resultará de ayuda en vuestra profundización en inglés, sobre todo abrirá "vuestro oído" a esta maravillosa lengua. Haz click aquí y elige qué nivel quieres (elemental, intermedio o avanzado) y en con qué acento (americano, británico, canadiense o australiano)   WEB

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