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Living a life is an art and those who learn this art live a blessed and a happy life while those who choose not to give it an importance remain confused and miserable.   Most of the times we let go opportunities out of our hands, we fail to settle disputes or convert difficult conversations into a meaningful dialogue, it all happens just because of our wrong attitude.

Majority of the people want to live with their habits that they developed when they were kids or teenagers. With the passage of time these habits inculcate in their routine life and become a permanent feature of their personality. It is important to note here that all people do not carry same sort of personalities. Therefore, we see that some people are very difficult to deal with while there are few who are very polite and easy to get along with. Our personalities are greatly influenced by our behaviours, attitudes, emotions and conduct with others. However, what directs or controls our personality type in any circumstances is our attitude. An Attitude is a like or dislike towards people, things, events and situations. So when we open ourselves to like something our attitude becomes positive and vice versa. But there a question arises how can we keep a positive attitude in some difficult or unpleasant situations?

  • Keep a positive attitude at all times.

No matter what the circumstances are, one must keep a positive attitude at all times. When we are open to accept other as they are, then its easy to handle them. If we would close ourselves and would want other to behave on our terms then we will invite troubles. At any point do not let your positivity be overshadowed by the negative behaviours of others.

Positive attitude in fact keeps you at peace. It takes you into deep waters that are always calm and peaceful, no matter how rough and wild the surface of those waters is. Once you put on a positive attitude then the hardest interactions, conversations, dialogues, situations and difficult personalities can not overcome you.

  • Positive attitude turns unfavourable conditions in your favour.

Have you ever been in a combative conversation with someone? Have you ever faced a situation where nothing seemed to go in your favour? Have you ever been with a person who had unpleasant behaviour towards you?
Even you ever were in such situations or not but you can turn all unfavourable conditions in your favour with your positive attitude. Remember whenever you are in troubled waters, do not let the water sink in you as you will sink in as well. Its only your positive attitude that will keep you at peace and will protect you when you are perplexed and confused.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character". Albert Einstein

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