miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Write an appl.ication letter to apply for the position of an English teacher.

  • Dear Mr. Green (last name).
  • 1st paragraph: explain why you´re writing the letter/email: how you knew about the position, your basic information.
  • 2nd paragraph: explain why you are interested in the position: give information about previous job on the Field (your Professional experience) and your qualifications (languages you speak, course you have taken, university degree, abilities).
  • 3rd paragraph; explain that you would like the opportunity (you would like to participate in a job interview); say that you can help and learn more about the job and how you can be contated.
  • Sincerely/ Yours sincerely: when you begin the letter/email writing the last name (Dear Green; Mrs Green).
  • Yours faithfully: when you begin the letter/email and don´t write the last name (Dear Sir, Dear Madam).

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