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 Watch this amazing VIDEO and decide to use them or not. I can´t imagine teaching a foreign language without flashcards. Kids love it, it makes everything easier. We introduce new words/ structures with them, revise, play all sorts of games.

If you want to make your own flashcards, click on this elink FLASHCARD MARKER

Flashcards are as enjoyable and engaging among adults as among kids. Very often when adults see flashcards for the first time they feel a little bit surprised and think that now they are going to be treated like small kids :) but...

There are various ways you can make use of them. A successful way is to stick a flashcard on the blackboard and let students make as many sentences as possible, like when covering some words about house parts, furniture or health problems, etc. for example: "The robber took a knife from the cupboard, hid it under the tray and entered the dining room. The landlady was sitting on the sofa. So it´s fun to see the student´s creativity and imagination wich does not have limits in this game.

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